Not satisfied?

The staff of Doktersdienst Groningen try to do their job as good as possible. However faults or mistakes can be made. Maybe you are not satisfied about a certain aspect of your treatment or you may have experienced something as not right or unpleasant. Please notify us and do not keep this to yourself.

If you are pleased with the services we have provided, please tell us. We will be pleased to pass on any compliments to our staff.

Online complaint form

Click here for the online complaint form.

Download a complaint form

You can fill out a form online but it is also possible to download a form and fill it out and send it to us. You can also contact our Complaints Officer by phone (050) 316 84 04 (available on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 08.00 until 12.45 hours).

The Complaints Procedure

When you have lodged a complaint you will be contacted by our Complaints Officer. The DDG complaints procedure provides the following possibilities:

1) Complaints mediation by our Complaints Officer. The Complaints Officer will try to come to a solution by means of mediation. The GP involved will settle the complaint directly with the complainer or the Complaints Officer mediates between both parties.

2) Complaints settlement by the Complaints Committee. Possibly the complaint settlement will not lead to a satisfactory solution for you. Or maybe you don’t want your complaint to be mediated. If this is the case you can lodge a complaint with the Complaints Committee. This committee wil subsequently start an investigation and will give both parties the opportunity to expound their point of view.

Secrecy Obligation

The Complaints Officer and the members of the Complaints Committee have a secrecy obligation regarding all data of which they professionally take knowledge. This obligation concerns all staff of Doktersdienst Groningen. 

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