DDG Frequently asked questions

1. What are the medical station opening hours?
Doktersdienst Groningen is open outside regular office hours. This is on weekdays from 5.00 in the afternoon until the next morning 8.00 and during the weekends and on holidays. The medical station in Groningen is also open during these hours. The medical stations in Delfzijl, Hoogezand, Leek, Stadskanaal, Winschoten and Winsum have limited opening hours.

2. Why do I have to call first?
You cannot walk into the medical station without an appointment. It is important to call first. The assistant will determine the way your question should be handled during this call. In many cases she will give you advice by phone. If you need a consultation from a GP she will make an appointment for you at the medical station. If necessary the GP will come to your home for essential medical reasons.

3. Do I get to speak to a GP on the phone when I call?
No, you will get an operator first who will check or register your personal data. The description of your complaint will then be sent to the assistant of the medical station in your area. She will ring you back and directly advise you in most cases. If needed the assistant will arrange for a consultation or home visit. In life-threatening situations the telephone operator will transfer your call directly to the doctor’s assistant, who will then send for a GP and/or an ambulance.

4. Is the assistant that I get on the phone allowed to give me medical advice?
Yes, the assistant on the phone is specially trained to accurately clarify your question for aid. In order to do so she uses standard work agreements. If necessary the assistant will deliberate with the doctor. All medical advices given by assistants will be checked by the duty GP.

5. How long does it take for the doctor to be at my residence?
In a life-threatening situation the GP is at your house within thirty minutes as the ambulance is there within 15 minutes. If a visit is needed but not urgent the GP will arrive within sixty minutes. If it is a routine visit the waiting time can accumulate to several hours.

6. Can I come to the medical station during the evening if I do not have time to go to the GP during the day?
No, the medical station is open for urgent care. If you call during the evening or during the weekend with non urgent care questions you will delay the treatment of urgent cases. In this case you will be referred to your own GP.

7. How long will it take before I know what is going to happen next?
Contact with DDG has been established within 25 seconds with 94% of the callers. The telephone operator needs a maximum of two minutes to check or register your personal data. Your call will be returned by a doctor’s assistant within fifteen to thirty minutes. She will generally need four to eight minutes to clarify your question for aid and to determine what needs to be done next.

8. What is urgency?
An urgent case is an illness, a condition or an injury of which a first examination or treatment cannot wait until the first following surgery hour of your own GP.

9. Why do I have to come to the medical station in Groningen once in a while?
The medical station in Groningen is always open in the evening, at night and during the weekend. The other centres have limited opening hours. Do you need a GP but the nearest GP centre is closed? You then will be asked to come to the centre in Groningen.

10. Does my own GP receive a message when I have visited the medical station?
Yes, before 8.00 in the morning your own GP receives messages regarding patients who have visited the medical station.

11. How do I get to the medical station?
There are no patient transport services at the medical stations. This means you have to arrange your own transport to the medical station. Insurance companies do not refund these transport costs. If you do not have your own means of transportation, you might be able to ask your relatives, neighbours or friends. Another option is to call for a taxi.

12. What is the fee for a visit to the medical station?
The used fees are regulated by the government so we cannot influence the height of them. You can find the fees at the subject of fees on this website.

13. Did you receive an invoice from Doktersdienst Groningen?
You have been using the service of Doktersdienst Groningen because you or one of your family members needed urgent care from a GP outside the regular office hours of your own GP. The invoice you received for this (telephone) consult or this visit is sent to you by Doktersdienst Groningen instead of your own GP. You receive an invoice when:

  • your insurance data are unknown to us
  • you do not have insurance
  • you have asked for the invoice when you have a non-contracted care insurance policy. If you have insurance you can declare this invoice with your insurance company.

14. Why is the fee different from the fee of my own GP or other medical stations?
The fees used by Doktersdienst Groningen differ from the fees of the GP during the day shift. This is due to the fact that the government sets the fee for each out-of-hours medical station. Specific measurements that need to be taken for the performance of evening, night and weekend shifts will be taken into account. Doktersdienst Groningen cannot influence the height of the invoice. The fees will be valid regardless of the duration of the contact. If you only had telephone contact with an assistant then it will be charged as a telephone consult. The assistant operates under supervision of the duty GP. These so called assistant advises will be checked and assessed by the duty GP.


You might still have questions. Please contact your insurance company for questions regarding retribution of a treatment. Contact your own GP for medical information regarding the (telephone) consult or the visit from the medical station.

For other questions contact Doktersdienst Groningen by phone at (050) 3168400 (9.00-17.00) or by e-mail (administratie(at)doktersdienstgroningen.nl)

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