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Deaf or hearing impaired

KPN text telephone Mediation Service

 Doktersdienst Groningen is also accessible for the deaf or hearing impaired. Are you deaf or hard of hearing? Please call us via KPN Text telephone Mediation Service. You can access this service with a home text telephone, or via your computer of mobile phone with a Signcall-subscription (

  • Call KPN Teletolk Service (€ 0,09 p/m) via Total Conversation (Signcall)
  • Press B for visual mediation or T for text mediation
  • Enter: 0900-9229 #

Now KPN Teletolk will contact DDG and a KPN Teletolk co-worker will have the conversation with DDG on your behalf.

Please keep the following information at hand when you call us:

  • Initials and surname
  • Gender and date of birth
  • Street name, postcode and residence
  • SIP address
  • Social security number
  • Medicine use
  • Name of your health insurance company and policy number
  • Name of your own GP

Does a life-threatening situation occur? Then there are two options:

  1. Call the control centre (0800-8112) directly and free of charges with an analogue text telephone. This can be done without a mediation service.
  2. Via Total Conversation with a Signcall-subscription on your Smartphone, tablet or computer. Call KPN Teletolk and request to be transferred with the alarm number 112. This can be done by text, image and talk. Also a special 112 button stays available which allows you to reach 112 directly.

If you are not accommodated to use text telephone service then, as a matter of exception, you can come to the medical station without an appointment.

Doktersdienst Groningen - T: 0900-9229

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