General patient information

Access to patient data at Doktersdienst Groningen

Your GP as well as your Pharmacy keep their own record of your consultations. This record contains important medical data considering your health. Your GP keeps a record of your complaints and your treatment. Your Pharmacy registers which medicine you receive and which medicine you are allergic to. At the urgent care centres of Doktersdienst Groningen it is possible to look into this medical record if you give us permission to do so. This is of importance to you as a patient as well as to us as a caregiver. It helps us to give better service when you contact us.

Only with your consent

We cannot access your personal data without your permission. This is only possible with your explicit consensus to digitally provide other care givers with your personal data. There are two options to consent to providing other care givers with information:

  • By means of the website "Ik geef" (I give permission).
  • By means of your own GP through a so called OPT-IN form.

Your permission can be recalled by you at any given moment.

How does it work?

In order to see your health records a caregiver has to be associated with the LSP, a national digital network which enables the exchange of electronic records. Please note that your record cannot be seen if your GP or Pharmacy is not connected to the LSP. Did you give your consent? Now only caregivers involved in your care can ask for your personal data if they think it is necessary for your treatment. At Doktersdienst Groningen these are the duty GP and the GP in training. The nurse specialist and the physician assistant only have access to your medicine record. With every contact you will be asked to consent because you have the last say in who is to look into your record.


Caregivers cannot plug in to the network easily. The computer system of the caregiver has to live up to strict security demands. The caregiver will only be given access to the network with a special personalized card and a password. Your record data will not be stored. After finishing the contact the data will be erased and your record will no longer be available to our staff.

Please note that the information regarding your reason for contacting us is stored in our systems. Also this contact is forwarded to your own GP in order to complement your record with the data regarding your contact with Doktersdienst Groningen.

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