House rules at the medical station

1. It might occur that someone who has arrived at the waiting room later than you, receives help before you do. This may be because this patient needs more acute care and will therefore be given priority. We appreciate your patience. We are an urgency centre, therefore it is not possible to set appointment times.

2. We like to show respect. Mutual respect is being appreciated. A peaceful environment is important to us.

3. In general a maximum of two assistants per patient are allowed in the consultation room. It serves everyone s course that a maximum of two assistants per patient has been set.

4. Verbal and physical violence is not being accepted. (Verbal violence: threatening, insulting, bullying, humiliating, verbally abusing, screaming as well as discriminating remarks. Physical violence: kicking, hitting, grabbing, throwing objects, stabbing and spitting).

5. Use of alcohol, drugs and smoking are not allowed at the medical stations.

6. Possession of weapons, theft, vandalism, physical and verbal violence are not allowed at the medical station. A violation will be reported to the police. Offenders will be handed over to the Police. The offender will always be held accountable for consequential costs.

7. Instructions given by staff of Doktersdienst Groningen need to be followed. Violating the rules or not following instructions can lead to a warning or access denial to the medical stations.

8. Everyone is considered to concern their own properties. Doktersdienst Groningen is not to be held accountable for damage, loss or theft of properties from staff, patients or visitors.

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