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1. When is it possible and allowed to look into my file?
This is only possible when you give your consensus to do so to your own GP and Pharmacy and only when the systems of your GP and Pharmacy are connected to the LSP. With every contact the staff will ask for your permission to look into your data. Even if you have given consensus to do so, you always have the last say about who is to look into your record.

2. How do I give consent to look into my record?
- via give permission)
- by means of an OPT-IN form available at your own GP surgery.

3. Who has permission to look into my record?
There are strict rules regarding to who can see into your record. When you have given your consent staff who are authorized to see into your record are the duty GP, the GP in training and the nurses. This access is logged in the system of Doktersdienst Groningen. The assistant retrieves the record for the user but has no authorization to look into the data.

The use of this insight option is being checked for legality. Staff involved in your care will only look into your record when they think it is of key importance to the care you need.

4. Is it possible for me to check who has looked into my medical record?
Yes, every insight is being logged and periodically checked for legality. You can also check this yourself. VZVZ has enabled this option by opening an internet page. Patients can register at the website of VZVZ to check who has looked into their records: Options are: a summary available with DigiD and sms or a paper summary by mail. Please follow the instructions given at the site of the VZVZ.

You can also check this page for further information and other VZVZ care consumer pages:

5. Is any data of mine being stored?
No, only during the moment of contact your record can be retrieved and looked into. With the termination of the contact the data will be erased and your record will no longer be available to our staff.

6. Is any data of mine being stored?
That is correct. This is information regarding the cause of your contact with Doktersdienst Groningen. This cause-for-contact information is being stored in our systems, not the content of your medical record as mentioned before. Your contact with Doktersdienst Groningen will be fed back to your own GP.

7. How is security of my data guaranteed?
In order to make data exchange as save as possible Doktersdienst Groningen can only request for data with a special pass and PIN. Also your data has been encrypted. This means transferred in coded language. The encoded data is being exchanged by a secured network.

8. Does Doktersdienst Groningen always know who has seen my record?
Doktersdienst Groningen can always retrace which member of staff has looked into your file.

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