Need medication?

Recurrence recipes

Doktersdienst Groningen is exclusively mend for emergencies only. This means that Doktersdienst Groningen cannot provide you with recurrence recipes or a box of painkillers. Make sure that you always have enough medicines to make it through the night, weekend or holidays. DDG only hands out a recurrence prescription for medication for the maximum of one day or weekend when this medication is absolutely necessary. Foreigners and patients who are uninsured have to pay €25,- extra to DDG per repeat prescription. Possibly the pharmacy may also charge this group. This charge has to be paid in cash or pin at the pharmacy. Possibly the amount will be set against the own risk (excess) by the health insurance. 

Prescribed medication

Medicines can be collected at the pharmacy on duty. The pharmacy at the Hanzeplein in Groningen is open 24 hours a day. For a pharmacy nearby, you can go to where you can enter your postal code.

Please note that if you need medication on evenings, Sundays or public holidays, the pharmacy will charge you extra.

If you (or the person for whom you are calling) use medication, please keep the wrapping of the medicines available. In that case, it will be easier for you to answer the questions of the medical nurse or GP.

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