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It is of great importance for students to have their own GP in the city. The GP has all of your background information and medical history available. This can be critical for the judgement of your question for aid in case of an ermergency!

Information to your own GP

At the end of every shift, Doktersdienst Groningen (DDG) will send messages to the patients’ own GPs so they know that, and why, you contacted Doktersdienst Groningen. This because of possible follow up actions needed for your treatment. DDG can’t send this message to GPs that are not linked to the DDG. In this case you will receive a letter which you have to give to your own GP.

Search for a GP near you on Doktersdienst Groningen is set up for urgent medical help outside regular office hours (during evening and night (from 17.00- 08.00 hrs), or weekend hours (Friday from 17.00 until Monday 08.00 hrs).

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