Who are working at the medical stations for urgent medical care?


All GPs of the Provence of Groningen hold consultation hours at the medical station. Therefore it might be possible that you meet your own GP.

Nurse specialist and physician assistant

At the medical station you will receive help from a GP, a nurse specialist or a physician assistant. The last two are responsible for part of the GPs consultation hour. Especially in the area of the loco motor (arms, legs...) in which they are specifically trained. Your waiting time will be limited because of the use of these professionals.

Telephone operator

If you call the urgency number (0900 – 9229) you will be assessed by a telephone operator from Doktersdienst Groningen. The telephone operators at the medical station are medical students in at least the second year of their studies. They have sufficient medical knowledge to assess the urgency of your situation.


Triagists, experienced doctors’ assistants who often work at a GP surgery during the day, work at the medical station. With you the triagist determines the urgency of your complaints.

GP driver

The GP driver brings the GP to patients who cannot come to the medical station. A GP driver also assists the GP in emergency situations.

In training

It is possible that trainee staff are working at the medical station. The student GP (AIOS), student physician assistant or student nurse specialist each hold independent consultation hours, depending on their stage of training. If necessary, there always is a trainer to consult.

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