Working at Doktersdienst Groningen

Doktersdienst Groningen is a health care institution for evening, night, weekend and holidays with approximately 135 employees. Doktersdienst Groningen has a total of seven medical stations and seven service cars in the province. We have duty of care for the patients of about 280 GPs in Groningen and North Drenthe. In this operational area live near 650.000 people.

The staff of Doktersdienst Groningen are mainly active in the primary processes, the actual care. Around twenty employees coordinate and facilitate the process, take care of the administration, the registration, the staffing and monitor the quality of given care.

Within Doktersdienst Groningen a big part of autonomy and responsibility expected are expected from staff. We prefer to work with people that are more skilled than the job they are hired for requires. With a small group of people we make sure that during the evening, at night and during the weekends and holidays GPs, assistants and GP drivers are enabled to perform their job in the best way possible. The salary and the terms of employment are based on the CAO GP care.

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