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Do you need general medical aid outside regular office hours? Call 0900-9229!

This aid cannot be postponed until the next day? Is your need for medical aid imminent and treatment  cannot wait until your GP is available again at his surgery? Then you can contact Doktersdienst Groningen (Doctors Service Groningen):0900-9229. (€ 0,10 per minute, with a startinfee of 4,54 cents). Please note that all phone calls are recorded. Call charges can be significantly higher if you call with a pre-paid telephone.

Always contact Doktersdienst Groningen by telephone first. We are more than willing to help you but   please do not come straight to our station without having made an appointment first!

Please note: We cannot recover (find out) your personal data if you cannot make yourself clear in an  emergency situation and call-identification has been disabled on your telephone.

What is an emergency?

Doktersdienst Groningen has been set up for emergency medical aid. An emergency is medical aid  that cannot be postponed until the next day. Therefore we cannot provide you with recurrence recipes or a box of painkillers. Please ensure you always have sufficient supplies of medication to help you through the night, the weekend or the holidays. In case of an emergency your call will be forwarded to the emergency assistant immediately. For the remaining cases your call will be returned by an assistant within thirty minutes.

112 When every second counts!

Does someone collapse? Do you, or does someone around you, have acute heart problems? Or does   another life-threatening situation occur? Call the alarm number 112 for an ambulance.

How do I reach the medical station when 0900-numbers have been blocked?

The only way to reach the medical station is by means of number 0900-9229. This number costs € 0,10 per minute, with a startinfee of 4,54 cents. The number of the medical station has been categorized in the same group as the ‘no-urgency’ police number has been categorized. Please contact the customer service of your telephone provider for information about how to ‘unblock’ this group of 0900-numbers.

Deaf? Hearing Impaired?

Click here for more information.


The website www.thuisarts.nl gives reliable information about sickness and health when you have:

  • medical questions or complaints at home;
  • medical questions or complaints before, during or after your visit to your general practitioner.

Thuisarts.nl has been composed by GPs. Unfortunately is there no translation available.

Student in Groningen?

Do you already have your own general practitioner in Groningen? On kiesuwhuisarts.nl you can search for a general practitioner in your own area. Doktersdienst Groningen is for emergencies only. Click here for more information.





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