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What happens when you call us?

The GP emergency unit works differently from a regular GP. Here you can read how it works with us.

  • Step 1: the NAW assistant is your first point of contact

    When you call the GP emergency department, you first get a telephone operator on the line. We call this the NAW assistant. He or she makes an initial assessment of the urgency of your complaints and asks for your personal details.

    Keep your details ready at hand

    We can help you faster and better if you have the following information to hand:

    • Initials and surname
    • Birth date and gender
    • Social security number
    • Telephone number
    • Street name, postcode and place of residence
    • Name of your own family doctor
    • Name of health insurer and policy number
    • Description of your medical complaints
    • Your medical history (important illnesses and/or allergies)
    • Your medication use (keep the packaging handy, so you can answer any questions more easily).

    Are you coming to the post? Always bring your ID.

  • Step 2: you will be called back

    The operator will disconnect you and pass your information on to our medical assistant or GP. You will be called back based on urgency. Usually, the assistant wil call you back. In some cases, this may also be a GP or a nurse practicioner or physician assistant.

    They assess whether an appointment is necessary.
    Depending on your situation: 

    • you will receive medical (self-care) advice by telephone
    • or you will have a telephone consultation with a doctor or a nurse practicioner
    • or we will make an appointment with you for a visit to the GP emergency room 
    • or we will make an appointment for a visit by the GP at your home
    • in case of a life-threatening emergency, we call an ambulance. 
Calling us is not free 

Calling the doctor's service costs €0.10 per minute, with a starting rate of
4.54 cents. If you call using a pre-paid phone, the cost of calling may be higher. However, because we call you back, those call charges never exceed a few minutes.

Our calls are recorded for training purposes.

Urgently in need of a general practitioner?

Do you need medical assistance outside office hours? Can't this help be postponed until your own GP or his replacement is on duty again? Then call Doktersdienst Groningen: 0900-9229. This number costs €0.10 per minute, with a starting rate of 4.54 cents.