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KPN Teletolk: text and image mediation service

Are you hearing impaired Doktersdienst Groningen can also be reached through KPN Teletolk.

KPN Teletolk will contact Doktersdienst Groningen and will conduct the conversation with us on your behalf. If you contact us, please have the following details at hand: 

  • Initials and surname 
  • Birth date and gender 
  • Social security number 
  • Telephone number 
  • Street name, zipcode and place of residence 
  • Name of your own family doctor 
  • Name of health insurer and policy number 
  • Description of your medical complaints 
  • Your medical history (important illnesses and/or allergies 
  • Your medication use (keep the packaging handy, so you can answer any questions more easily). 

Are you coming to the emergency department? Always bring your proof of identity with you. 

Go to the KPN Teletolk text and image mediation service website for instructions.

Urgently in need of a general practitioner?

Do you need medical assistance outside office hours? Can't this help be postponed until your own GP or his replacement is on duty again? Then call Doktersdienst Groningen: 0900-9229. This number costs €0.10 per minute, with a starting rate of 4.54 cents.