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Transfer of personal data to third parties

DDG employees are obliged to treat your personal data confidentially. This means, among other things, that DDG employees need your explicit permission before passing on your personal data to third parties. However, there are some exceptions to this rule in the law. By virtue of legal requirement, a healthcare provider's duty of silence can be broken. This can only be done when there is a fear of a serious danger to your health or that of someone else. 
If necessary, recorded data can be exchanged verbally, in writing or digitally with other healthcare providers directly involved in your medical treatment. Examples include the ambulance service, a specialist in the hospital you are referred to or the pharmacist who processes your prescription to give you the right medication.

Urgently in need of a general practitioner?

Do you need medical assistance outside office hours? Can't this help be postponed until your own GP or his replacement is on duty again? Then call Doktersdienst Groningen: 0900-9229. This number costs €0.10 per minute, with a starting rate of 4.54 cents.