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Finding a gp or pharmacy

If you live in the Netherlands, we always recommend finding a regular GP and pharmacy in the area where you live. Your regular GP knows your situation and keeps track of changes in your health. Moreover, you know where to turn if you have health problems.

Finding a gp isn't hard
To look up the different GPs and/or pharmacies, you can use the following websites: 

Student in Groningen? 
If you come to study in the city, also transfer to a GP in the city. The GP has all your medical information. This is very important in assessing your request for help when you contact the GP emergency centre. Doktersdienst Groningen can only be reached for emergencies outside the opening hours of your own GP practice during the day. 

Find a GP near you via www.kiesuwhuisarts.nl


Message to your own GP  
If you have contacted the GP emergency unit, Doktersdienst Groningen will send a message to your own GP. This is important for any follow-up actions necessary for your treatment. We can only send this message to GPs affiliated with Doktersdienst Groningen. Is your GP not affiliated? For example, because their practice is outside our working area? Then you will receive a letter that you must hand in to your GP yourself.

Urgently in need of a general practitioner?

Do you need medical assistance outside office hours? Can't this help be postponed until your own GP or his replacement is on duty again? Then call Doktersdienst Groningen: 0900-9229. This number costs €0.10 per minute, with a starting rate of 4.54 cents.